Rick Ross Reportedly Suffers Another Seizure Just 1.5 Mos. After Being Found Unresponsive

So scary. Rick Ross reportedly had another unexpected seizure that caused him to have trouble breathing right before his concert in New York City on Apr. 23. Get the details on the terrifying incident here.

Rick Ross, 42, reportedly suffered another seizure right before his concert at B.B. King‘s music venue in New York City on Apr. 23 and it was quite the scare. The chaotic scene started when Rick was having “trouble breathing” before he was set to go on stage, according to Billboard. “His team had to get a masseuse to massage him for an hour to relax his body,” a source told the outlet. The massaging lasted an hour, which caused a major delay in the show that made fans wait. After the treatment, however, the rapper was feeling good and went on to perform for the night.

Rick’s scary moment brings us back to Mar. when he made headlines for being found unresponsive in his Florida home. A friend who witnessed the terrible situation said Rick was “slobbing from the mouth” and was having trouble breathing the night before. Reports confirmed that a severe case of pneumonia was his diagnosis, which caused him to have to be on life support for a period of time. He was reportedly released four days after being hospitalized and went on to perform in his first show since the incident without a problem in Las Vegas on Mar. 18.

Rick’s recent health issues sadly don’t come as a complete surprise since he has a history of seizures. He suffered two in the same day back in 2011 but was declared healthy after being hospitalized. He explained that he thought the seizures were caused by the lack of sleep he had the previous week.

We’re sending Rick healing thoughts and hope he leads a healthy life now and in the future!

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