Roloffs Celebrate Special Occasion with Rare Family Photo

They star on the same reality show, but they are rarely all in the same place.

Indeed, while Little People, Big World may center on the beloved Roloff family, the many sons, daughters, parents and grandkids who comprise this popular unit are very busy.

They also don't all get along so well. Or so we've heard, at least.

Moreover, Jacob quit the show awhile back… Molly wants no part of the show… and even Jeremy and Audrey walked away this summer.

For all these reasons and more, it's rare to find all the Roloffs in one location.

But that's exactly what transpired over the weekend, as relatives came from far and near for one special reason:

The start of pumpkin season!!!!

Check out a giant family photo below and then scroll all around for more precious looks at various loved ones on hand to celebrate this annual occasion and tradition:

The Traditional Family Photo

One Happy Grandpa

Look Who Else Was on Hand

Smiling with Jackson

Content Red Riding Hood

What Mighty Fine Pumpkins You Have

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