Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Addresses Relationship Drama After Explosive Instagram Fight With Jen Harley

The ‘Jersey Shore’ star says his daughter is his ‘number one priority’ after footage surfaced showing him and his baby mama getting into physical fight.

Things seems to have not cooled off between Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and his girlfriend Jen Harley after they got into a vicious social media fight on Sunday, April 29. Though the “Jersey Shore” alum regretted airing their dirty laundry on Instagram, new footage surfaced showing the pair getting involved in another heated argument that turned physical at one point.

It was Jen herself who showed their explosive fight on Instagram Live on Monday. In the video that was captured by Twitter user @thegoodteatime before it was deleted, Ronnie and Jen could be seen arguing at the top of the stairs about what appeared to be a photo of Jen.

“You wanna film, lets zoom in, lets zoom in, lets zoom in,” Ronnie said as he showed something on his phone. “Let’s zoom in, look at this,” he continued, “Oh yeah look at that…that’s f**king great, oh yeah, lets zoom in on that, look at that, lets zoom in on that.”

Jen told him to “get out of my face,” but Ronnie continued to tell Jen to “zoom in” on the image he was showing on his phone. “Let’s zoom in on that…why don’t you want to show that? Why don’t you want to show that? Look, look, why don’t you want to show that, huh?” he asked.

“Show you f**king getting f**ked in your a** like a hooker…don’t put your hands on me again,” Ronnie told Jen. He added, “Put your f**king hands on me again, I dare you.”

The camera then began to shake as Ronnie seemingly attempted to wrestle the phone out of Jen’s hands. “Don’t touch me Ron!” Jen was heard yelling, before another woman approached them to try and calm the situation.

Ronnie later broke silence following their explosive social media. He said in a statement posted on Twitter on Monday afternoon, “I want to apologize to my family, friends and fans. This is a private matter that should have never been made public. I remain focused on my daughter and she is my number one priority.”

According to reports, the couple has broken up after their arguments. A source told Us Weekly, “Ronnie asked Jen to move out today. That’s what sparked the big fight on Instagram. Ronnie has put all of Jen’s stuff in boxes. It’s all settled down now and Jen has moved out.”

Another source similarly tells E! News, “They are broken up. They’re done.” The so-called insider adds, “He apologized for everything and admitted where he had been wrong but he also wants whats best for his daughter and he realizes this is not a healthy environment for her. They have split but for now they are both living in his Las Vegas house. Jen will most likely be moving out.”

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