Rory Feek Talks About His Ongoing Love For Joey, Singing Again, And Supporting Daughter Hope In Her Coming Out

Singer Rory Feek is ready to start singing again, but he’s opening up about how it wasn’t an easy decision to make as he continues to mourn his wife Joey more than two years after her death.

Rory Feek heartbreakingly said goodbye to his wife Joey Feek more than two years ago after a brutal battle against cancer, but he says he’s still just in love with her as he ever was. The musician will be opening up about life since his wife’s passing, and his upcoming return to music, on CBS Sunday Morning on Father’s Day this weekend. Fans of Rory and Joey, and daughter Indiana, will not want to miss this segment.

CBS News shared a preview of Rory Feek and the upcoming segment. The musician said that he is having a difficult time figuring out who he is on stage without Joey by his side, noting that he considered not returning to the stage without her.

Despite some concerns and hesitations, Rory said that ultimately, “it felt strangely similar” to sing again even without Joey with him. Of course, adjusting to life without his wife has been complicated in all areas of his life, not just in music, as he’s now a single father to the couple’s little girl Indiana.

“It felt surreal and strange, a little wrong in some ways because I had kind of decided I wouldn’t [sing without her].”

Feek noted that not only has he needed to focus on Indiana and grieve the loss of Joey, he needed to help his older daughters navigate changes in their lives too. One big challenge, he explains, was in talking with daughter Hope about her revelation that she is lesbian. Hope and her partner Wendy had been together for more than a year when she came out to her father just days after Joey’s death.

…the girls and I so enjoyed spending the day earlier this week w Anthony Mason and the sweet folks from CBS Sunday Morning. #onfathersday #onceuponafarm

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Hope explains that she was afraid that her father wouldn’t accept this and he admits that his conservative Christian faith did lead him to pause with the news. Rory said he couldn’t shun his daughter over this, though, and Hope says that she understood her father’s struggle. Ultimately, however, he says that he supports her daughter and knows that it’s his job to love her even when it’s hard.

Viewers of the segment set to air Sunday morning will see Rory along with older daughter Hope and Heidi talking about life on the farm and how things are going without Joey. Feek will open up about how people react to him when he’s out and about, and those who follow him on social media knows that he, and Indiana, still have a lot of support.

… helping Papa and cowboy Danny this morning get the hay up out of the field.

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Despite the difficulties of losing her mother at such a young age, shortly after her second birthday, Indiana is doing well. Rory shares updates and pictures of Indiana via his Instagram page frequently, and she’s loving life on the farm where she’s surrounded by love. Not only is she with her dad Rory, her “Papa” does a lot of work at the farm and Heidi and Hope are there visiting with Indy often as well.

Feek may have had a difficult time deciding whether to return to music and when, but his fans are thrilled that he’s ready to hit the stage again and they won’t want to miss this upcoming segment. Rory Feek’s CBS Sunday Morning segment airs on June 17 at 9 a.m. ET.

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