Rosanna Arquette calls for an end to use of 4th of July fireworks over environmental impact

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Rosanna Arquette seized the opportunity presented by the Fourth of July holiday to call for an end to fireworks being used as the nation’s default method of celebration.

The actress is often outspoken on her Twitter account about issues like gun violence, immigration and, in this case, environmentalism. On Independence Day, Arquette took to Twitter to highlight to her more than 193,000 followers the fact that fireworks can have a negative impact on the environment. The 61-year-old went as far as to call for an end to fireworks in favor of an alternative celebratory display.  

“I love fireworks but boy do they pollute the atmosphere and cause anxiety with the noise in some,” she wrote. “At some point we are going to have to give up some things  for the the well-being of Mother Earth and humans to survive.”

Indeed, the loud booming noises created by fireworks have been a known trigger for many, particularly veterans who served in combat and may be suffering from PTSD. It is suggested the people who wish to shoot off fireworks check with their neighbors to avoid potentially causing an episode related to PTSD.

In addition, Forbes notes that large fireworks displays can often have a negative impact on the environment, leaving behind significant air pollution and toxic chemicals that are then allowed to linger and infect the air, the soil and water. 

While there are clear negatives to fireworks that Arquette is commenting on in her tweet, the fact remains that Fourth of July gatherings for fireworks displays remain a well-kept tradition for Americans in towns and communities throughout the country. That’s why she jumped on board with one commenter who pitched an alternative to using fireworks at those gatherings. 

Rosanna Arquette called for an end to the use of fireworks in the U.S. for environmental reasons.
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“Drone and lazer shows with holograms would be awesome instead,” one user wrote, prompting Arquette to agree.

They’re not alone in calling for drone shows to be more ubiquitous in the United States given that they’re already starting to replace fireworks displays in China, as Forbes noted in a previous report.

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