The royal wedding reception was anything but stuffy

Literally everything about Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex’s, Meghan Markle, royal wedding was pretty darn magical, don’t you think? The service, the wedding dress, the vows, the first kiss on the steps of St. George’s Chapel — all of it was so dreamy. But the one part of the royal wedding the world didn’t get to see were the royal wedding receptions. We’re only now hearing about how things went down once Harry, Meghan and their family and friends gathered on the evening of May 19 and from the sounds of multiple reports, this was truly the party of the year.

We already knew the royal wedding reception would be intimate, if not star-studded and stacked to the rafters with royalty. But what we didn’t know — until know — was just how fun and relaxed the whole shindig would be. After getting through the more formal afternoon reception, things apparently really kicked off at the second reception at Frogmore House. The Sun reports that among the many fun things happening there, Serena Williams was dominating at the beer pong table (yeah, you read that right) that was set up.

“The bride’s US heritage was marked with the boozy American university drinking game beer pong, where players throw table tennis balls into cups of beers which their opponents then have to consume,” the outlet stated, going on to quote a source who revealed that, “‘Sere­na Williams played beer pong like it was tennis. Everyone had so much fun with it, there were even fireworks.'”

So, what you’re telling us is that basically, this royal wedding reception was the classiest, coolest frat party wherein Williams was schooling all the reception guests and we don’t have photo evidence of it? Not fair!

But Williams wasn’t the only celeb going all out whilst celebrating the newlyweds’ nuptials. According to Entertainment Tonight, George Clooney got behind the bar at one point at started playing bartender to the guests in attendance. Sure, it makes sense that Clooney would feel comfortable making a mean mixed drink (he is part-owner of a tequila company, after all), but doing it at a royal wedding reception is next-level bold — and we love it.

As a source reported back to ET, “‘George hopped behind the bar and was actually bartending for a bit. He poured Casamigos drinks and shots and got everyone dancing!'” Way to be, Clooney. Way. To. Be.

And because no reception is complete without good music, the royal couple’s pal, Idris Elba, stepped up to the DJ booth to liven things up, according to People magazine. Like Clooney, this makes a bit of sense because when he’s not acting, Elba is pursuing his other passion, DJ’ing. That said, this was a bold move and again, we here for it.

All of these details only have us dying to see photos and videos of all of this going down. If you were lucky enough to attend this reception, maybe send something our way? Pretty please?

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