Ryan Tedder Recalls Awkward Run-In With Harry Styles While Working With Taylor Swift at the Studio

Songwriter and producer Ryan Tedder is opening up about a particular awkward moment while working with Taylor Swift on her 1989 album.

While promoting the new NBC series, Songland, Ryan recalled the day he was working with Taylor on “Welcome to New York” – and he remembers it well because it just happened to be the same day when her ex, Harry Styles, was at the same studio.

“I’m friends with Harry and Taylor, and Harry was texting me, saying, ‘Hey, I hear you’re at [the studio], what are you doing here?’ ” Ryan shared. “And I was like, ‘I’m with Taylor.’ And then he’s like, ‘Oh.’ And Taylor was like, ‘Was that Harry? Did he just walk by the studio?’ I was like, ‘Oh, s–t.’ ”

He added that the moment “was a little awkward. I won’t go any deeper than that because I don’t want any retribution.”

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