Sara Bareilles Has Wrapped Her Upcoming Album!

Sara Bareilles fans have been patiently waiting for new music and it looks like we’ll be getting it very soon!

The Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter released her previous album The Blessed Unrest in 2013 and it went on to receive an Album of the Year nomination.

Sara released What’s Inside: Songs from Waitress in 2015, featuring songs she wrote for the Broadway musical Waitress. She also released a song called “If I Dare” last year for the soundtrack to the movie Battle of the Sexes.

Sara worked with producer T Bone Burnett for the upcoming album and she told Variety that the album will drop early next year. A single might even be released this fall.

“I think there’s a lot to say right now about the world, so I didn’t shy away from that,” Sara said about the themes of the music. “One of the things I’ve been struggling with is realizing that the world is chaotic, and we have to just exist in spite of it, because it feels especially chaotic in the last, ohhh, couple years. So I wanted to address political themes. But the thing that moves me the most is to talk about emotional architecture and what it feels like to be alive amid all this.”

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