See How the Cast of Sex and the City Has Transformed In the 20 Years Since the Premiere

At one point or another, didn’t we all want to be like Carrie Bradshaw?

The fictional sex columnist had her flaws, but women (and some men) were obsessively drawn to her sexy love life in Manhattan, plus all of those Jimmy Choos. Not to mention, her clan of mostly-loyal best friends: Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte. (If you haven’t decided which of the four girlfriends you’re the most similar to, perhaps it’s time to rewatch the series.)

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The hit HBO show first aired on June 6, 1998 (yep, it’s been 20 years!), and while critics didn’t immediately fall head over heels with Bradshaw and her stories, the show’s producers eventually found their footing, moving on to release six mega successful seasons plus two movie spinoffs.

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Which brings us to 2018. Indeed, Sarah Jessica Parker (Bradshaw), Cynthia Nixon (Miranda Hobbes), Kim Cattrall (Samantha Jones), and Kristin Davis (Charlotte York) have all moved on to live lives that don’t include a weekly Sunday brunch plus glamorous trips to Abu Dhabi. But what are the main Sex and the City stars up to? One thing we know for sure: they’re not working together anytime soon.

To celebrate 20 years, here’s an update on what, exactly, the key actors in Bradshaw’s world are doing in 2018 and yes, how they’ve transformed.

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Sarah Jessica Parker aka Carrie Bradshaw

Parker’s career picked up steam in the ‘80s, and she later had starring roles in Hocus Pocus and The First Wives Club, but obviously, Parker, 53, is what first comes to mind when we talk SATC. Since the show’s finale, the actress has taken up entrepreneurial duties, launching her own SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker shoe collection (among many other collaborations) and serving as the lead star and executive producer to her HBO follow-up, Divorce. Parker and husband Matthew Broderick have three children, James, 15, Marion, 8, and Tabitha, 8.

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 Kim Cattrall aka Samantha Jones

Cattrall has appeared in various TV series like Modus, The Witness for the Prosecution, and Sensitive Skin, but honestly, she’s now better known as the reason Sex and the City 3 will never happen—all thanks to drama between her and Parker. Cattrall’s brother tragically passed away in February, and after Parker shared her condolences via Instagram, Cattrall shot back, “Your continuous reaching out is a painful reminder of how cruel you really were then and now. Let me make this VERY clear. (If I haven’t already) You are not my family. You are not my friend.” Awkward.

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Cynthia Nixon aka Miranda Hobbes

Miranda for president? Nixon, 52, continued appearing in various TV shows and movies, but she’s now regularly making headlines for her new hobby: politics. The actress and LGBTQ activist is running for office against New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and regularly takes to social media to express her desire to fix N.Y.C.’s subways. Her campaign has made headlines not just because, you know, there’s a former Sex and the City actress running for governor, but also because of her sense of humor. After politician Christine Quinn criticized her candidacy (Quinn, a lesbian, referred to Nixon as an “unqualified lesbian”), Nixon released T-shirts that read, “Unqualified Lesbian.” Nixon has two children with her ex, Danny Mozes (Samantha, 21, and Charles, 15), and one son with her wife, Christine Marinoni (Max, 7).

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Kristin Davis aka Charlotte York

Davis, 53, famously starred in Melrose Place in the ‘90s and made appearances on Friends and Will & Grace into the 2000s. Similarly, she’s picked up producing credits since SATC and has found her niche in the world of holiday TV movies. She’s expected to star alongside Rob Lowe in Netflix’s upcoming film, Christmas in the Wild, which will follow elephant poaching in Africa. Outside of acting, Davis has been recognized as an activist for her work as a Goodwill Ambassador, and in 2015 produced Gardeners of Eden, a documentary about trying to stop elephant poaching. In 2011, she adopted a girl name Gemma and reportedly adopted a baby boy in May.

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Chris Noth aka Mr. Big

Noth most memorably joined the cast of The Good Wife in 2009 and in February confirmed what we’ve always wondered: Is he really like Big IRL? When TMZ asked him to chime in on the Parker/Cattrall drama, he simply kept mum and rolled up his window as the black car drove off. Classic Big. Noth and wife Tara Wilson have a son named Orion, 10.

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John Corbett aka Aidan Shaw

Carrie’s other love? Aidan, who famously resurfaced in the Sex and the City movie. He made a splash in My Big Fat Greek Wedding (and its sequel), is apparently a country singer, and has appeared on Portlandia, Parenthood, and Still the King. Since 2002, he’s been dating Bo Derek.

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Mikhail Baryshnikov aka Aleksandr Petrovsky

The mysterious Russian artist Aleksandr Petrovsky is one of the show’s most-hated characters, namely because he whisked Carrie away to Paris in the final season. IRL, Baryshnikov is a former professional ballet dancer and has kept a pretty low profile since the show. In 2006, he married Lisa Rinehart, also a former dancer.

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Jason Lewis aka Smith Jerrod

Samantha’s on-again-off-again boyfriend Smith (aka Lewis) was actually a model IRL, at one point walking for Gucci and posing for Tommy Hilfiger and Guess. After SATC, he appeared in TV shows like Beauty and the Baker and Animal Kingdom.

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David Eigenberg aka Steve Brady

Steve! Eigenberg currently stars in NBC’s Chicago Fire. After Nixon announced her candidacy for New York governor this year, he chimed in, tweeting, “Happy to see my friend running to help all the great folks of NY state!” He continued, “A wonderful and smart and most of all…deeply ethical person. Go forward Cynthia, Serving the people of New York #education!”

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Evan Handler aka Harry Goldenblatt

Charlotte’s main man Harry was portrayed by Handler, and after he said goodbye to the show he moved on to star in Californication, later breaking into roles on The Astronaut Wives Club and American Crime Story. Handler and his wife Elisa welcomed their daughter Sofia in 2008.

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Stanford Blatch aka Willie Garson

Following Sex and the City, Garson appeared on shows like Hot in Cleveland, Two and a Half Men, and White Collar, and recently had a role in Hawaii Five-0. In 2009, he adopted a son named Naten.

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Mario Cantone aka Anthony Marentino

Carrie’s super extra wedding planner portrayed ex-Trump staffer Anthony Scaramucci in The President Show last year, and appeared on other TV shows since his run on SATC. In 2011, he married his longtime partner, Jerry Dixon.

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