The seven behind-the-scenes secrets you didn’t know about Love Island

From the lingo to the ridiculously toned bodies, it’s fair to say Love Island is a pretty mysterious place.

Like, is this place even real life? Are these people insanely fit aliens? And why don’t they speak like normal humans?

In a bid to shed a little more clarity on such a magical place, we quizzed the big bosses of the ITV villa… and got some very interesting answers to all the unanswered questions about Casa Amor.

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So,  here are the mysterious of Love Island unsolved. Just call us the Sherlock Holmes of love.

1. Do the Islanders get their hair professionally done in the villa?

Okay, you’re not gunna like the answer to this one… The Islanders don’t get their hair professionally done in the villa – they really *are* just that genetically blessed.

A producer for the show tells us, ‘Generally they do their own hair and make up but on occasion we have treated to them to a visit from the hairdressers’.

2. Where do their clothes come from?

The Islanders are kept in tip top condition by a specially selected range of Missguided, which they were given free reign to pick from before they landed into their villa. The Islander’s also bring their own threads in with them too. ‘These are their clothes plus a selection from Misguided which they selected before going into the villa’.

3. How does the villa stay clean? And do they do their own laundry?

Whilst the villa might look like a bunch of goddesses, we *all * have our flaws. In fact, the Islanders are encouraged to clean up their mess in  the villa, but they are treated to cleaners who go into the villa periodically. They also have a laundry service which picks up their dirty clothes once a week.

4. Do they cook?

The gang split cooking duties 50/50 with the onsite caterers. They have the option to cook for themselves, but also receive food from the onsite caterers. However, they always cook themselves breakfast.

5. How many cameras are watching the Islanders?

There are 72 cameras in the Love Island villa, and even ones in the toilet. However, the toilet cameras are just for health and safety reasons and aren’t regularly monitored by the team.

6. How do they make sure there are no Love Island babies made in the villa?

The Villa is fully stocked with 200 condoms. Are these any old condoms? Of *course* not, the condoms in the villa have the Love Island logo on them. Sexy.

7. Why is the grass always greener in the Villa?

Simply because its fake. All the greenery is. Who has time to water the greens when there are 200 condoms to get through?!

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