Shahid Khan gives Wembley update as Fulham owner looks to buy national stadium

Potential new owner of Wembley Shahid Khan has confirmed he wants England to play at the national stadium – and believes its sale would boost the Three Lions’ hopes of winning the World Cup.

Fulham owner Khan has made an offer to buy Wembley from the FA in a deal reportedly worth up to £1billion.

The Jacksonville Jaguars supremo insists he is keen to maintain the identity of the stadium, including snubbing a lucrative name change, and keeping England games under the arch.

"Wembley is the essence, the cradle of English football," Khan told the BBC. "We would very much like for England matches and cup finals to be played at Wembley, that is the DNA.

"(The FA) will have a pool of money of about 600 million pounds that can be invested into the core mission of the FA, which is English football and their ultimate goal of winning a World Cup."

Wembley reopened in 2007 at a cost of £757million on the site of the old venue where England famously won the World Cup in 1966.

And Khan, who admitted he would look at the possibility of installing a roof, plans to host a clutch of big events at the stadium, including being open to Chelsea using it while Stamford Bridge is being redeveloped.

"Wembley is a great stadium and you want to get it configured to hold Super Bowl and World Cup finals," he added.

"Personally, I have not spoken to Chelsea, but the CEO of Fulham has spoken to his counterpart at Chelsea.

"It was never an issue to us. Chelsea has been a great club and those relationships go back a long time."

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