Shirtless Sam Smith Shows Off 50-Pound Weight Loss On Paleo Diet

Pop star Sam Smith flaunted his trim torso in shirtless photos after 50-pound weight loss on Paleo-style diet.

Singer Sam Smith flaunted his chiseled torso in a shirtless Instagram photo while vacationing with friends. Smith looks fit and healthy and has easily maintained his 50-pound weight loss since 2014.

“Had such a wonderful today. Swimming, tennis, food and writing music,” Smith wrote on Instagram. “Recharging slowly.”

Sam is in the best shape of his life after overhauling his diet and workout routine four years ago. Smith said his weight loss secrets were a low-carb Paleo-style diet and weightlifting workouts.

The Paleo diet emphasizes healthy fats, high-quality animal proteins, non-starchy vegetables, and excludes gluten, sugar, dairy, legumes, alcohol, and processed foods.

“It’s very, very difficult [to stay in shape],” Smith told Entertainment Tonight (see video below). “I love food so much, so it’s a constant battle. It’s always going to be a battle but I’m trying my best.”

Smith’s shocking weight loss initially fueled rumors that he was anorexic and had gotten too skinny, but the British pop star says eating less and working out has made him much healthier.

“I know this is very preachy, but if you can, try to find a way to be healthy,” Sam urged fans on Instagram. “It will make you so much happier.”

“I’ve just not eaten like a pig anymore.”

Had such a wonderful day today. Swimming, tennis, food & writing music. Recharging slowly x @jamesmsbarber

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Smith, a former couch potato, also started exercising by lifting weights at the gym and being more active in his daily life.

Sam has struggled with weight his entire life, and confessed that he has always been insecure about his body.

“I still feel pressured to look a certain way,” Smith told NME. “For women, the pressure in this industry is horrendous and it’s got to stop. But it’s the same for guys, even though they won’t speak about it.”

“I want to be a voice for that: just because I’ve lost weight doesn’t mean that I’m happy and content with my body. Because of the media and because of what I feel I should look like, it’s always going to be a battle in my head.”

Smith, who’s openly gay, says songwriting gives him an outlet for his innate sadness.

“I’ve had an amazing life, but I think I was born with a little bit of sadness in me. I’ve always been attracted to those things, whether it’s sad movies, sad music,” he said. “I’m a vulnerable, sensitive person. I overthink everything. I’m insanely self-conscious about my body, about my music, about everything in my life.”

Interestingly, Sam Smith says his sadness is what keeps him grounded, despite his enormous fame and fortune. So does a healthy diet and exercise.

Another celebrity Paleo fan is actress Jessica Biel, who credits Paleo, yoga, and CrossFit for her sizzling bikini body and post-baby weight loss, as the Inquisitr has reported.

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