Sir Tom Jones said he will keep singing Delilah despite ban

‘Why why why CAN’T we sing Delilah?’ asks Tom Jones as he tells fans he will keep singing it after Welsh rugby bosses said it glorified domestic violence

  •  Delilah was removed from the playlist of rugby choirs in 2015

Sir Tom Jones has said the Welsh Rugby Union’s ban ‘can’t stop’ people singing his hit song Delilah. 

The 1968 hit details the opportunistic killing by a man who waits until his former partner’s lover leaves her home before making his move – stabbing his unfaithful partner.

Cardiff’s Principality Stadium banned the unofficial Welsh rugby anthem earlier this year due to it ‘glorifying domestic abuse’. 

At the Welsh legend’s concert at Cardiff Castle on Friday, Sir Tom said: ‘You can’t stop us singing Delilah.

‘Can you imagine… Who was the man who didn’t want us to sing Delilah?

Sir Tom Jones has said the Welsh Rugby Union’s ban ‘can’t stop’ people singing his hit song Delilah

Sir Tom Jones pictured at the Nice Jazz Festival on July 19, 2023

‘He stopped the choir from singing but he didn’t stop the crowd from singing it.

‘And we will keep singing it too.’

The 83-year-old has previously said the song is not meant to be taken literally and its popularity at rugby matches makes him ‘proud to be Welsh’.

Sir Tom continues to perform the song at his concerts, despite the ban.  

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The tune was traditionally performed by a male voice choir before matches at the Principality Stadium, however, this was struck from the playlist in 2015 and officially banned in February of this year.  

In February, the union said: ‘Delilah will not feature on the playlist for choirs for rugby internationals at Principality Stadium.

‘The WRU removed the song from its half-time entertainment and music play list during international matches in 2015. Guest choirs have also more recently been requested not to feature the song during their pre-match performances and throughout games.

‘The WRU condemns domestic violence of any kind. We have previously sought advice from subject matter experts on the issue of censoring the song and we are respectfully aware that it is problematic and upsetting to some supporters because of its subject matter.’

Earlier this year, the WRU was hit with allegations of sexism, racism and homophobia. 

An investigation into the union – which a number of ex-WRU employees took part in – found a toxic and discriminatory culture. 

At the time a spokesperson said the union ‘condemned’ the use of racist, homophobic or sexist language and said it had no place in Welsh rugby. 

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