Sister Wives Stunner: The Whole Family Gathers for Christmas!

You guys…

It’s a Christmas miracle!

Following a Thanksgiving during which Kody Brown only hung out with his youngest and only legal wife, Robyn, the father of 18 spent December 25 with ALL four of his Sister Wives.

Shocking, right?

On Christmas Eve, Kody and Christine’s 18-year old daughter, revealed the family reunited for the holiday, taking all possible precautions to make sure they stayed safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’re together! We got tested and did nothing for two straight weeks so we could be together,” she explained on social media.

In a video, meanwhile, Kody’s first wife, Meri, is sitting down on a chair with Robyn’s daughter Breanna, 15, on her lap.

It’s clear everyone really is in the same place, acting all jolly and merry for the special occasion.

Third wife Christine is also in the footage, as her daughter Truley, 10, can be seen playing with Robyn’s son Solomon, 9 in the background.

We can’t say we saw this reunion coming, if we’re being honest.

Ever since Kody divorced Meri in 2014 so that he could marry Robyn and officially adopt her kids from a previous relationship, there’s been pretty clear tension between all parties.

This celebrity gossip website has long speculated that Meri was on the verge of splitting from Kody for good, based upon her endless arrray of mysterious memes and messages.

They all seemed to be a reference to Kody and how unhappy she has been over the past few years.

Alas, Meri went ahead this month and proved us wrong, posting a lengthy statement about her apparently happy romance, along with the first photo of her with Kody in about two years. 

“My relationship with [Kody] is MY relationship with him. Sure we’ve hadd ups and downs through the years (I mean, isn’t that somewhat normal?) High highs and low lows,” wrote Meri at the time, elaborating as follows:

“I love him. I love my family. I’m committed.

“I have 30 years in this. We struggle. We communicate. We repair relationships as the parties involved are willing and able.”

We should have known, following this unexpected caption, that the family might indeed get together for Christmas.

They either truly are on great terms; or are determined to make it look that way in public.

“I’m an independent person who does her own thing. I travel a lot. (Well, pre-covid that is.),” continued Meri.

“I have multiple businesses. I have friends. I have male friends. (Gasp! Shocker!) and I won’t apologize for that.”

And she concluded, with force:

I’m human. I have feelings. I make mistakes. I rise when I’ve fallen.

Sometimes it takes longer than other times to rise. I. Will. Always. Rise. I get angry. I feel peace. I feel pain. I feel joy. I forgive. I love. I’m HUMAN.

I’m here. I’m committed. I’m not going anywhere. Don’t get your hopes up.

Seriously, she showed us.

We were wrong.

Maybe there’s not major trouble in paradise.

We send the happiest of wishes to the Browns for a safe and healthy holiday season and new years.

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