Snooki Lashes Out At Critics Who Say She’s Only Supporting BLM So Her Store Doesn’t Get Looted

Several celebs have been accused of performative activism over the past few days. But Snooki is being hit with an even worse allegation.

Critics actually think the Jersey Shore star is using support for Black Lives Matter as a shield to protect her business, The Snooki Store, from looting! Yeesh!

On Wednesday, the reality star posted a photo of her storefront with a caption calling on BLM supporters to come decorate it with posters:

“‼️USE YOUR VOICE‼️ Please feel free to use your voice by adding posters to our store🙏🏽 You can tape them to the bottom of the windows , covering the cement 👊🏽 stay safe during protests today ☮️ Check my story for all links to help make a change”

Just a day later it seemed like they had taken her up on it. She posted:

Snooki doubled down on her support, writing:

“There’s no denying the love & passion everyone is showing in Madison, NJ 🙏🏽 let us be your canvas 💋”

Awww. She offered her store to protesters. It was a good thing, right? Well, that’s not how everyone saw it.

One commenter seemed to speak for quite a few critics, saying:

“You’re just afraid they gonna ruïne your store 🤣”

That accusation got over a thousand likes. Another VERY popular comment read:

“In other words’ ~ please don’t loot my store ~”

Snooki hit back in disbelief:

“You think that’s my main concern? My store being ruined?”

The Snooki Store account tried to explain what was going on with more clarity in case anyone was actually criticizing because they didn’t understand:

“totally missing the point here. There were #BLM posters around our town that got torn down. We decided to let our building be the canvas for everyone’s voices and posters so they won’t be taken down.”

Snooki also lashed out with a powerful message to anyone criticizing people for doing the right thing, saying:

“Everyone is trying the best they can to help make a change. Don’t shame anyone for doing their part. I’ll keep donating, sharing links and using my store as a canvas. Together we are helping to make a change. Spreading love is what’s needed. Not this s**t…”

The momma-of-three did go back and edit the original post to make that clearer — to stop any more criticism.

“EDIT; for a little background into Madison, where my shop is located- #BLM posters are being torn down. My space is a safe place for you. I won’t tear down your posters.”

And we should point out, most of Snooki’s followers were proud of her support for the movement — and appalled at the cynics. Here’s a sample of the many, many supportive comments:

“This is great, Nicole. Hoping other small businesses follow suit if possible”

“Thank you so much for using your PLATFORM and standing up for whats right ✊🏾✊🏼✊🏽”

“Damn snooki that’s what’s up speaking on behalf of African American ppl across the world THANK YOU FOT GIVING US A CANVAS ❤”

“Thank you snooki 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 thank you for making a change and giving them a voice when they didn’t have one”

What do YOU think of the pessimistic view of Snooki’s intentions??

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