Sony Refuses to Release Kesha’s Investigation Details

The company claims that attorneys’ ‘thought processes’ and ‘legal strategy’ will be exposed if the ruling stands.

Sony Music Entertainment bosses are challenging a judge’s order to identify the people interviewed during an internal investigation following Kesha’s complaints about Lukas ‘Dr. Luke’ Gottwald.

Label lawyers have asked the court to reconsider a decision granting Kesha’s motion for disclosure of the identities of the individuals who helped them prepare for litigation brought by the pop star.

They claim that attorneys’ “thought processes” and “legal strategy” will be exposed if the ruling stands.

“Sony’s investigation is not merely a set of materials prepared in anticipation of litigation,” a Sony spokesman made clear in court papers, “but was instead a collection of decisions reflecting legal strategy, undertaken only after Kesha filed a Complaint, for the purpose of developing Sony’s legal defense, investigating the truth of Kesha’s allegations, and providing legal advice to Sony.”

Dr. Luke is currently pursuing defamation claims against Kesha, who maintains the producer raped her and abused her during their past collaborations. She first sued him in 2014 and he countersued.

Meanwhile, Kesha broke down in tears during a concert in Ohio on Wednesday night, July 11. The 31 year old became emotional when a group of her fans, known as Animals, held up multi-coloured hearts with ‘Thank You’ written across them.

Footage shared on Twitter shows Kesha bringing her hand to her mouth a few minutes into the song and then clutching her chest. She can clearly be seen struggling to hold in her emotion and although she tries to sing through it, she eventually turns her head away as she begins to cry.

“I should thank you,” she said after several attempts to regain her composure, reports Billboard.

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