Sooo, Orlando Bloom Was Asked How Often He and Katy Perry Have Sex…and Fully Answered

Orlando Bloom decided to go ahead and open up about his sex life with Katy Perry, telling The Guardian over the weekend that he and Katy aren’t having “enough” ~intimate~ moments. Basically, a reporter straight-up asked, “How often do you have sex?” and Orlando mused “Not enough—we just had a baby, though.”

As E! News notes, Orlando opened up about his sex life back in March 2020 as well, explaining to the Sunday Times that he abstained from sex for a full six months until he met Katy.

FYI, Katy and Orlando got together back in 2016, briefly broke up in 2017, and then got back together the next summer. They got engaged on Valentine’s Day 2019, and welcomed their daughter Daisy in August 2020!

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