Stars turning 70 in 2021

Happy birthday, Kirstie Alley! The actress — who rose to fame in the ’80s thanks to her role on the massively popular sitcom “Cheers” — turns 70 on Jan. 12. In honor of her big day, is taking a look at more stars who were born in 1951. Keep reading to see them all…

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On March 17, Kurt Russell blows out 70 candles!

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Jan. 15 marks Hispanic icon Charo’s birthday. She’ll blow out 70 candles this year!

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It’s the one and only Sting’s 70th birthday on Oct. 2.

Jane Seymour celebrates her 70th birthday on Feb. 15. 

Geoffrey Rush will be celebrating his 70th birthday on July 6.

Designer Tommy Hilfiger will be joining the 70 club on March 24.

Happy birthday, Lynda Carter! The star of TV’s “Wonder Woman” turns 70 on July 24. 

“The Office” star Phyllis Smith will be celebrating her 70th birthday on July 10.

Happy birthday, Mark Harmon! The “NCIS” star celebrates the big 7-0 on Sept. 2. 

Actor Michael Keaton blows out 70 candles on his birthday cake on Sept. 5.

Feb. 23 marks Patricia Richardson’s 70th birthday. The actress is best known for her work on “Home Improvement.” 

R&B and soul singer Peabo Bryson will be toasting to his 70th birthday on April 13.

This year on Nov. 15, actress Beverly D’Angelo rings in her 70th birthday.

April 10 marks actor Steven Seagal’s 70th birthday. 

Famous finance whiz Suze Orman celebrates her 70th birthday on June 5.

On July 8, Anjelica Huston will be toasting to her 70th birthday.

Actor Harry Hamlin — who lately is best known for his appearances on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” with wife Lisa Rinna — turns 70 on Oct. 30. 

“Charlie’s Angels” actress Cheryl Ladd turns 70 on July 12.

“7th Heaven” matriarch Catherine Hicks will be turning 70 on Aug. 6. 

“Star Wars” icon Mark Hamill turns 70 on Sept. 25 this year.

“Entertainment Tonight” host Mary Hart will be celebrating her 70th birthday on Nov. 8.

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