Stephen King Celebrates His 50th Wedding Anniversary!

It’s a very special day for Stephen King!

The 73-year-old horror and sci-fi author is celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary with wife Tabitha King today.

The couple got married on January 2, 1971 and Stephen took to Twitter on the anniversary to mark the milestone.

“My wife and I were married 50 years ago today. It’s been a hell of a good run,” he tweeted. He later added, “A hell of a good run…and still going. Sorta like the Energizer Bunny.”

Stephen and Tabitha, who is also a published author, have three child together – Naomi, 50, Joseph, 48, and Owen, 43.

One of Stephen‘s first novels, The Stand, was just turned into a new series on CBS All Access. Three episodes are currently available for streaming and the rest will be released weekly.

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