Stormy Daniels Dishes On Trump’s ‘Drunk Cockatoo’ Hair & Alleged Small Penis In Shocking Interview

Stormy Daniels is spilling the beans on her alleged sexual encounter with Donald Trump. Brace yourself for details about the president’s hair and alleged penis size.

Stormy Daniels, 39, is opening up about her alleged sexual encounter with Donald Trump, 71. And the porn star is talking about two things that many people want to know. The first is a fairly PG question: Is Trump’s hair real? The second is more X-rated. For those who want to know – and many of us who don’t – Stormy reveals the alleged size of the president’s penis. Stormy – whose real name is Stephanie Clifford – dished the dirt on the president to Penthouse. The much talked about porn star posed for the front cover of the latest issue with the American flag draped around her naked body.

Of course, the magazine transported her back to July 13, 2006 – the day she allegedly met Trump at the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. In those days he was just a reality TV king, star of The Apprentice. Speaking about what she thought of him, Stormy said, “Before I met him, I thought that he was on TV and had funny hair.” Speaking of his “funny hair,” which has fascinated millions for years, Stormy alleged that it didn’t, as the interviewer asked, “stay still as he has sex.” She said, “No, [his hair is] real. He chose that.”

But she went even further. Admitting that it allegedly moves during sex, she added, “Yeah, that’s real. Kind of like a drunken cockatoo.” The porn star even described the president below the belt, while trying not to go below the belt, as it were.

Asked if Trump’s penis “wasn’t big,” she alleged, “Yeah.” But Stormy drew the line at mocking him. After the journalist joked, “like his fingers,” she fired back, “I don’t want to shame anybody.” As for the sex, when asked if it was good, she said drily, “What do you think?” Ouch!

Stormy’s Penthouse interview comes out just days after she appeared on Saturday Night Live in a hilarious open with Alec Baldwin, 60, (as Trump, of course) and Ben Stiller, 52, as the president’s lawyer, Michael Cohen. In the skit she warned the POTUS that, “a storm’s a-coming” in a line that got a lot of laughs. During the Penthouse interview she also revealed that she was a bit hoarse because she has been talking a lot. We’re not surprised given that, in the last couple of months, she has appeared on 60 Minutes and The View and made numerous appearances dancing on her nationwide Make America Horny Again tour. All that is on top of her day job making porn flicks. We’d be hoarse too!

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