T.I.’s 911 Call: Rapper Heard Arguing With Security Guard In Shocking Audio Before Arrest — Listen

The 911 call that the security guard made before T.I.’s arrest on May 16th has just been released! Hear the audio here.

T.I., 37, was arrested outside of his gated community early on May 16, after a security guard called the cops on him. Now, the audio from the 911 call has been obtained by TMZ, and it’s pretty shocking. The soundbite starts with the guard telling an operator that he’s “been threatened by a resident and he’s here now knocking on the door.”

You can then hear Tip arguing with the man. “You work for me. I asked you to step out,” the rapper said. “I asked you for your name and you did not give it to me. Would you please report yourself to me, sir? Identify who you are.” The guard, however, continued to refuse to tell the “Whatever You Like” hitmaker what his name is.

This call lines up with what Tip previously said went down during the early morning argument. T.I. spoke to TMZ about the incident that occurred in Henry County, Georgia, and claimed the guard didn’t disclose all the details. The situation began when the artist arrived and didn’t have a key to the gate. He woke up the sleeping guard and asked him to let him in. After the guard couldn’t find him in the directory, he called Tameka “Tiny” Harris, 42, who reportedly told him to let him in. Tip then reminded the guard that, “I pay you,” and the guard finally let him in. But when the “Live Your Life” singer asked for the man’s name in order to report him to the supervisor, all he got was a “blank face.”

T.I. then reportedly went home, where he cooled down and decided to head back to the post to get the man’s name. The guard continued to refuse to answer, and Tip admits that he asked him to step out of the booth “so we can talk.” The security guard then mistook this as a threat, and Tip heard him say, “Yes, a black male right in front of me in a striped shirt,” The police soon arrived and arrested him for simple assault, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness. He was later released after posting the $2,250 bail, and spent the day celebrating his son Major‘s 10th birthday with his family.

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