Tamra Judge COVID-Shames Shannon Beador: You Reckless, Fake Bish!

Earlier this year, Tamra Judge had a major falling out with Shannon Beador after the latter decided to befriend Kelly Dodd.

Now, she’s calling out Shannon for having been a fake friend all along … and for flagrantly breaking social distancing rules for no good reason.

So much for the Tres Amigas!

Tamra Judge took to her Instagram Stories to tell fans exactly where she stands with her former BFF, Shannon Beador.

When asked if she still talks to Shannon at all, Tamra replied with a real bummer of an answer.

“Nope, stopped trying,” she revealed. “Was sick of being sent to [voicemail].”

Was Shannon only ever Tamra’s friend for the sake of the show, then?

“Kinda looking that way,” Tamra replied with an air of resignation, hurt, and disappointment.

Shannon is not meeting her definition of friendship.

Tamra defined friendship as “Someone that is always there for you. Not just when it’s convenient for them.”

However, Tamra shared that things are very different when it comes to the other Tres Amiga.

“We are great,” she said of Vicki Gunvalson.

“Talk every day and can’t wait to get together,” she shared.

Tamra added that the pair of them are “In talks to do our own show.”

We have heard so much about this alleged show, as Vicki has hinted that it will entail travel for both of them.

In the meantime, Tamra has previously shaded Shannon as a fake friend

“Fake friends are like shadows,” Tamra posted. “They follow you in the sun but leave you in the dark.”

That was how she felt in March, and that does not appear to have changed in the nearly two months since then. 

But Tamra is feeling more than just appointment at Shannon for having not been the friend she believed her to be.

See, for reasons that none of us can quite wrap our heads around, Shannon got together with a few of her castmates.

She, Braunwyn Windham-Burke, Emily Simpson, and Kelly Dodd got together despite the coronavirus pandemic.

They even posed for selfies together.

In her Instagram Stories, Shannon claimed that she and the other ladies were “following the rules.”

Wearing a mask is a great layer of protection against contracting the coronavirus.

But non-essential outings — such as for rich women to take selfies together — are very much against the rules.

And while none of the ladies included any yard sticks for scale, they appear to be way, way less than 6 feet apart.

Emily Simpson, Shannon Beador, Braunwyn Windham Burke not "following the rules"

Social distancing guidelines are at least as important as mask-wearing in most circumstances.

No one is expecting Real Housewives to be experts on anything except branding and drama and perhaps the occassional tax shelter, don’t get us wrong.

But seeing them press their faces side-by-side for selfies while claiming to follow the rules is … well, it’s pure clownery.

And Tamra Judge responded to the photos when she saw them with a facepalm emoji.

The issue, as with everyone breaking rules during this pandemic, is that they aren’t just endangering themselves.

Anyone who breaks safety guidelines is then putting everyone else at risk as they return to sheltering in place, plus delivery drivers and others.

Now, maybe these women have avoided all coronavirus risk thanks to their wealth, able to stockpile and stay at home more easily than most Americans.

But they could at least not pretend that they’re following all of the rules when really, they’re just wearing masks to promote a mask-making brand.

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