Tanya Scott from Little Women: Atlanta – Where to find her on Instagram and what she’s been up to

Since she stopped filming Little Women: Atlanta, Tanya Scott has been keeping busy with her own business as a certified herbalist. She is the CEO of Life Body Naturals and sells a variety of teas, supplements and skincare products.

Tanya often shares personal photos on Instagram as well as promotional content for her Life Body Naturals products along with the great reviews she’s received for them. She also shares quite a few photos of her children there, as she is a mom of three now.

It doesn’t look like Tanya is done with TV yet either, as she is featured on the Zeus Network series You’re My Boooyfriend with B. Simone.

Even though we won’t be seeing Tanya Scott on Little Women: Atlanta Season 5, it’s clear that we haven’t seen the last of her yet.

Little Women: Atlanta airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Lifetime. 

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