‘Teen Mom 2’s Jeremy Admits He’ll ‘Always Love’ Leah — Getting Back Together?

‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jeremy Calvert bravely apologized to ex Leah Messer and told her he loves her over the phone on the June 11 episode of the reality series. Find out how she reacted to his sweet comments here!

Jeremy Calvert, 29, took a stance when he admitted that he loved ex and mother to his child, Leah Messer, 26, on the June 11 episode of Teen Mom 2 and now we’re wondering if there’s another chance for romance between them in the future. Jeremy took the time to call Leah while she was at a birthday party for her twins during the shocking episode and he apologized for saying mean things about her on camera in the past. “I really truthfully, want to, like, deeply apologize for saying that about you,” Jeremy said on the call. “I do really want to thank you for like being a good mom to my kids.” In addition to showing regret for things he said, he praised Leah for growing up into the woman she has become. “No matter what, I’m still always going to love you,” he unexpectedly said. Before the phone call, however, Leah didn’t seem too thrilled when a friend suggested he might want to get back together. “I sure as hell hope not,” she muttered.

Although Jeremy and Leah have been divorced for a while now, with all the ups and downs they’ve had with each other and within themselves, they have seemed to grow a lot and Jeremy’s phone call could be the start of something good.. This also isn’t the first time that Jeremy expressed a hint of regret about his split with Leah. Back in 2016, he admitted that he kind of regretted the divorce because he didn’t want their daughter to grow up in a broken family.

We’re not sure whether or not Jeremy and Leah will find love with each other again in the future, but it’s great to know that Jeremy took a step to make amends. It will be interesting to see where things go from here but we hope they can get along for their daughter’s sake. We’ll be paying attention to this situation and will definitely keep updating!

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