‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Tyler Baltierra Reveals Bipolar Diagnosis: He Quickly Goes From ‘Goofy To Depressed’

Tyler Baltierra opened up about his recent bipolar diagnosis on the April 23 ‘Teen Mom OG’ reunion, and according to a new report, he’s been suffering from the disorder for quite some time. Get all the details here!

If you’re a fan of Teen Mom OG, you know it’s been rough season for Tyler and Catelynn Baltierra. Aside from Catelynn’s devastating miscarriage, viewers just learned that Tyler suffers from bipolar disorder. The MTV star opened up about his diagnosis on the Teen Mom OG reunion on Monday after Dr. Drew insinuated that he was depressed. And while this is our first time hearing about his diagnoses, he’s reportedly been dealing with the disorder for quite some time, according to Radar Online. “He mentioned in the past that he thought that maybe he suffered from bipolar disorder, but he wasn’t sure,” a source explained to the outlet. “He’s talked about his mood going from super funny and goofy, which he’s known for, to his depressive phases. That was a red flag for him,” the source continued.

Although Tyler’s big reveal wasn’t planned, he feels relieved to share the news. “Honestly, I wasn’t even planning on releasing that info, but once Cate mentioned about my recent diagnosis, I figured “what the hell!? Like why am I so against telling anyone!? It’s actually been a little easier to digest since I have been talking about it more,” Tyler tweeted on April 23. We admire Tyler’s strength as it’s certainly not easy to be that open about mental health. However, his honesty will definitely help bring awareness to the disorder.

And not taking his diagnosis lightly, Tyler is hoping to find other ways to live with it rather than taking pills. “Well tbh it’s still so new to me. So, I’ve been doing non stop research on the diagnosis, the different remedies to combat symptoms, & how to better understand it. I did refuse medication, but only because I wanted to try all of the natural remedies first. It’s a journey,” Tyler tweeted after a fan asked if he was “seeking help.” What an inspiration!

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