Teresa Giudice Was Spotted Holding A Younger Piece's Hand (But He's Just Her Friend, Okay?!)

Us Weekly and Radar both posted pictures of bodybuilding Housewife of New JerseyTeresa Giudice, –gasp–holding hands with a boy at a party with her husband Juicy Joe sits in a prison cell! All that glamour just cannot be contained by one man! Someone get the brand! We need to put a scarlet A on this trick ASAP!

After getting out of prison for some tax fraud situations, Teresa’s husband Joe Giudice went in for the same reasons. Things went from bad to worse when it was revealed that the American government decided they didn’t need a tax-evading non-citizen chilling within their borders so they let him know he would be deported after serving his sentence. He’s appealing that decision but Teresa has kind of given the impression that she won’t be waiting around for her juicy gorilla to swing on over to Italy, and will tell him “Arrivederci!” but she won’t.

Welp, now she really seems to be telling us she’s over it as she has been spotted with a younger man. Teresa should break the news to Joe while he’s still in the slammer, in case things get heated; prison tables are all nailed down so it’s hard to flip them.

During a “weekend getaway in Miami” 46-year-old Teresa was seen canoodling with Blake Schreck a 26-year-old New Jersey realtor. Joe has one more month to serve of his sentence, so Teresa must be planning ahead for his release and deportation. She’s been taking dating tips from her pal the eternally-divorcing Danielle Staub. And Danielle says have a back-up to the back-up! Gotta start dating pronto!

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