‘The Challenge’: Jenna Defends Zach As Amanda Threatens To ‘Expose’ Him — ‘He Has Nothing To Hide’

After Zach and Amanda’s blowup on ‘The Challenge’ this week, she took to Twitter and threatened to ‘drop a bomb’ about him at the reunion. Now, his girlfriend, Jenna Compono, is weighing in on the drama.

Zach Nichols and Amanda Garcia were sent to the Redemption House on the Oct. 2 episode of The Challenge: Final Reckoning, after they couldn’t agree on a team to vote into elimination and were forced to compete in the Armageddon themselves. As the episode aired, they took to Twitter to continue to bash each other, and by the end of the hour, Amanda really got fans fired up. “Just wait for the bomb we are dropping at the reunion,” she wrote. “Zach is gunna lose his s***. I cannot wait. Your secret is getting exposed hunnny.” She didn’t expand on what all that meant, but people immediately began making assumptions.

Of course, one of main theories was that Zach had been unfaithful to his girlfriend, Jenna Compono, who was eliminated from Final Reckoning earlier in the season. Now, Jenna’s set the record straight on how she feels about Amanda’s threatening tweet. “I feel like she’s just going to come up with anything,” Jenna said on the Challenge Mania podcast. “It is what it is. You want to keep making me look bad or get back at Zach? I don’t know. I don’t have the energy anymore, I really don’t. If she wants to wait until the reunion to say something, then let her say it. I have nothing to hide, he has nothing to hide. I’m curious what he has to say.”

Jenna added that the tweet left her a little “confused” and “hurt,” but instead of airing her drama out publicly, she messaged Amanda privately about it. “She responded, real and honest,” Jenna admitted. “She was like — this is what’s happening: Zach didn’t hate me as much as he says he does [on the show], up until a certain point.” She didn’t expand on what this meant, but it appears that Amanda is alluding that she and Zach were friendlier than he let on at the beginning of the season, before things blew up.

Throughout the interview, Jenna defended Zach, especially against Amanda’s claims that he treated her poorly on the show because she’s a woman. “He didn’t like how Amanda was talking to him, just like she didn’t like how he was talking to her,” Jenna explained. “It’s nothing to do with her being a female, and that’s coming from me. It could’ve been his own BROTHER. If someone talked to him like that, he’s not going to take that s***. He would rather throw himself in [to elimination] and make a point to show loyalty than back down to someone he doesn’t really get along with.”

We’ll see the aftermath of Zach and Amanda’s elimination on the next episode of The Challenge: Final Reckoning on Oct. 9.

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