‘The Challenge’ Recap: Kailah Finally Kisses Bear & 1 Player Suffers A Gruesome Injury

Kailah finally gives into Bear’s flirtation and makes out with him on ‘The Challenge: Total Madness.’ Plus, a physical elimination leads to a possible game-ending injury.

Bear has been flirting with Kailah all season long on The Challenge: Total Madness. The flirtation continues during the April 30 episode, and despite having a longtime boyfriend at home, Kailah can feel herself starting to give in. She admits to Jenna that Bear is “obnoxious” and insists she won’t ruin her relationship at home for him. However, eventually, despite Jenna’s warnings, Kailah falls for Bear’s flirty behavior and makes out with him outside the bathroom. The cameras catch the whole thing, and there will clearly be fallout to deal with for Kailah later on.

Meanwhile, Rogan has a bone to pick with Jay, who kissed Rogan’s ex-fling, Dee, and eliminated one of his main allies, CT. He’s determined to get into an elimination with Jay so he can send him home. Of course, deciding who goes into elimination is contingent on the weekly challenge. This week, the players are randomly split into six teams of four, with each player having a different job. One player rides past a series of numbers and symbols in a speeding car. They have to relay what they see to player two via a walkie talkie. Player two has to use those numbers to solve a math equation, then relay the three-digit answer to player three. Player three uses a decoder to figure out which colored beams the numbers correspond with. Then, they run the colored beams to player four, who uses them to detonate a bomb.

Jay’s team is up first, but when he misses one of the numbers while riding in the car, the foursome is eliminated on the spot. Then, Rogan and Bear fail to solve the math equation correctly for their respective teams, which means those groups are also both eliminated. The remaining three teams all finish the challenge, but it’s the group who does it the fastest that wins: Kaycee, Swaggy, Josh and Jenny. That means those four players make up this week’s tribunal.

Back at the house, all the losers have to nominate one male player into elimination. Even though Jay already won the first TWO male eliminations, meaning he’s the only guy qualified to run the final, the majority decides to vote him in as an easy target once again. The tribunal then has to choose three possible candidates to go against Jay. They grant Rogan’s wish by making him one of the options, while also choosing Josh’s nemesis, Wes, and Nelson, who hasn’t strategized with any of them.

At the elimination, Swaggy and Josh are given the opportunity to compete against Jay themselves to earn their red skull. However, they opt to sit out, and let Rogan have his chance to take Jay out. The guys go head-to-head in one of the most physical eliminations on The Challenge — one player has to try to score a ball in a basket, while the other is playing defense. This season, though, the ball is set on FIRE. Jay is up first on offense, and things quickly get messy when Rogan SLAMS him to the floor. Jay can’t seem to move after the brutal hit, and his arm looks completely bent out of place. However, we’ll have to wait until next week’s episode to see just how bad the injury is.

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