There's Now an Official Timothée Chalamet T-Shirt—and Trust Us, It's Going to Sell Fast 

Despite being the lowest grossing film nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars, Indie adaptation Call Me By Your Name has made quite the impact on Hollywood (and beyond) since its November debut.

For one, the film has elevated little-known actor Timothée Chalamet to A-list status, making him the youngest Best Actor nominee at the Oscars in 80 years.

While Chalamet did not take home the Oscar—that honor went to Darkest Hour’s Gary Oldman—the film did earn an historic win. Writer, director, and producer James Ivory won the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay, making the 89-year-old the oldest Oscar winner in history.

Ivory celebrated his nomination (and later, win) in style, arriving at the awards ceremony in a hand-painted shirt bearing Chalamet’s face.

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The artist responsible for Ivory’s standout red carpet look is Andrew Mania, who was initially inspired by the Mattise-like face-print shirt Chalamet wears in CMBYN’s stirring final scene.

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Unable to find a comparable shirt available for purchase, Mania decided to create his own.

Almost finished this one (back needs painting). Inspired by the Matisse shirt Elio wears in the film Call Me by Your Name @tchalamet #portrait #portraiture #portraitphotography #artist #artiststudio #model #malemodel #menswear #artstudio #artistsoninstagram #interiordesign #theworldofinteriors #worldofinteriors #interiors #shirt #mensshirt #art #painting #cmbyn #elio #callmebyyourname #matisse #fashion #menswear #newromantic #blouse

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He then graduated to painting Chalamet’s face directly on a dress shirt.

Another shirt I painted last night #portrait #portraiture #portraitphotography #artist #artiststudio #model #malemodel #menswear #artstudio #artistsoninstagram #interiordesign #theworldofinteriors #worldofinteriors #interiors #shirt #mensshirt #art #painting #cmbyn #elio #callmebyyourname #matisse #fashion #menswear #newromantic #blouse #garden #romanticgarden #ramblinggarden #viviennewestwood

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Enamored with the film and excited by his latest creation, Andrew was discussing both with curator Xavier Saloman when Saloman revealed that he’d attended the movie’s premiere, and was in fact good friends with Ivory.

After consulting with Ivory, Saloman relayed that the screenwriter would like one of Mania’s shirts. “Then I thought, secretly—well, he might get nominated for the Oscar … And then the next day he messaged saying he wanted one for the Oscars, and he wants to show it off to the world,” Mania told InStyle.

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Since the Oscars, Mania’s shirt has caused quite the stir in the art and fashion realms (not to mention the vocal underworld of Timothée Chalamet fandom).

Droves of prospective customers have messaged Mania on Instagram and Twitter. Actress Busy Phillips even inquired about it.

“It’s still really surreal,” Mania says of his quick ascension. “I wake up everyday thinking, ‘Did I fantasize that?’ And then I check my inbox and there will be another message. I still find that it’s really strange. It’s wonderful, I just never imagined I’d have a drawing on the red carpet at the Oscars.”

Andrew, who only got a Twitter account about a week before the Oscars, feared he wouldn’t be able to keep up with the demand drawn by his now viral shirt. “During the week I’ve been having panics, because I don’t have a PR person, I’m not a brand, I don’t have people working for me. Luckily, James Ivory thought that I might need help, so someone from his team reached out,” he shared.

Mania and James Ivory’s team collaborated on an Elio/Timothée Chalamet t-shirt that’s now available online for $30 ( If a graphic tee isn’t really your style, you can shop the same design on a fashionable tote. 


While Mania admits that he should paint a shirt of Chalamet’s CMBYN co-star Armie Hammer as well, it’s Timothée who initially captivated him. “He has a really expressive face—it’s really good for portraiture.”

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Though Mania hasn’t heard directly from the Oscar nominee, they’ve been in contact through Ivory. “I know James asked him if he would model for me for some drawings, while they were both in London, and he said he was keen. But then he had to go back to New York so it didn’t happen. I’m hoping it will happen. I don’t want to feel like I’m exploiting him, I want it to be sort of a natural thing.”

“I normally just draw my friends. I draw people that I might see in magazines. It’s quite an intuitive thing—I never intended for this to happen when I painted the shirt. I just did it because I wanted to—I loved making it.”

As for future CMBYN-inspired creations, Mania hopes to do more drawings of Chalamet’s character, Elio, as well as pieces influenced by the film itself. “It’s got a lot going for it to inspire anyone,” Mania says of the movie.

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