This Ariana Grande "Boyfriend" Dance Video Is the Opposite of a "Mother F*ckin' Train Wreck"

Raise your hand if you’ve spent the last week dancing in the mirror to Ariana Grande and Social House’s “Boyfriend.” I have two hands currently in the air, and I know I’m not the only one who hasn’t been able to stop grooving to this bop. Choreographer Kyle Hanagami recently blessed us and his wildly talented dancers at Millennium Dance Complex with a routine to the track, which is the exact opposite of a “mother f*ckin’ train wreck.” Ariana’s song details the complicated relationship and jealousy associated with a “nonboyfriend,” but there’s nothing complicated about this dance video! Kyle’s routine combines smooth body rolls with fast-paced, sharp footwork during the chorus, and I’m out of breath just watching these moves. Check out the video above, and prepare to be impressed.

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