This Is How Kendall Jenner Silences Body Shamers After Being Criticized Over Nude Images

In a clip which she posts on Instagram Stories, a fully clothed Kendall can be seen riding on a horse for a photoshoot in France.

Kendall Jenner has no time for body shamers. After images of her recent nude photoshoot for Russell James’ pictorial book “Angels 2018 Collector’s Edition” leaked online yesterday, it didn’t take too long for social media users to body shamed her for riding on a horse naked. But the older Jenner sister seemingly paid no mind to it when she posted a video on Instagram Stories.

She was seen riding on a horse again in the clip, but this time she was fully clothed. The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star opted to wear a white blouse, black pants and mathing riding boots. Her raven hair was let loose as she playfully spread her arms as wide as she could.

It was clear that she was having fun during the shoot, which took place at Musee du Cheval at Chantilly Castle in France on Wednesday, September 12. She was seen changing her ensemble to a white Longchamp dress which featured fringed skirt. She completed her look with gladiator shoes.

While Kendall decided to ignore the body shamers and continued doing her work, some of her fans have come to her defense. “People are literally body shaming Kendall Jenner for being ‘too skinny’ but bashing her sisters for getting surgery. You people are stupid and confused,” one fan wrote on Twitter. Another added, “The body shaming/hate on Kendall Jenner rn is so hypocritical.”

Besides pictures of her riding on a horse, there were images of her sprinting on the beach naked. Her breasts and nipples were fully exposed in the pics and she definitely didn’t mind it as she continued running. Other pictures featured her leaning to a tree and lounging in a pool. It was said that the upcoming book would feature more photos of the model baring all.

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