Thomas Rhett’s Wife Lauren Akins Launches Jewelry Line in Honor of Adopted Daughter

Country star Thomas Rhett‘s wife has launched a jewelry line to give back to her adopted daughter’s native Uganda. Lauren Akins became a first-time mum last year (2017), when she and the singer adopted little Willa Gray from the East African nation, and she’s so grateful for the help she received from officials there, she has created the Lauren Akins X Ladybird line with designer pal Emily Dee to raise funds for Love One International’s charitable efforts in Uganda.

The 28-year-old philanthropist’s necklaces feature three charms and come in white, rose and yellow gold, and sterling silver, and range in price from $99 to $750.

“I wanted to design something well-made,” Akins tells Entertainment Tonight. “I’m really bad about taking my jewellery off, so it’s got to be something that can get wet. It’s got to be something that can withstand two toddlers all day.”

Akins has a big connection to the Love One International charity, which aids impoverished families in Uganda. She’s a board member. “It’s so hard when you look at the world as a whole and kids in the world, you want to help them all,” Akins says. “You wish everybody was happy, you wish nobody had a rough life or had to grow up without something.”

“The reality is, the thought of wrapping your brain around helping every child in the world seems impossible, but loving one is not. Everybody can love just one, or just love the one in front of you, whatever loving them looks like. I really think that people can change the world if you love the one in front of you.”

Since adopting Willa Gray from Uganda, Rhett and Lauren have also become biological parents. Their daughter Ada James was born in August 2017.

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