Tia Mowry's Diet Seems to Have Helped Her Give Birth to Her 'Miracle Baby'

Tia Mowry has been in the spotlight since she was just a middle schooler. The famous celebrity twin is best known for her work alongside sister Tamera in the hit television series Sister, Sisterand several other memorable projects.

However, as a woman growing up in the spotlight, Mowry has seen more than her fair share of pitfalls. She recently highlighted how a change in diet helped her have a kid after being told it wasn’t possible. 

Who is Tia Mowry? 

Mowry made her screen debut in Dangerous Women, although it took a team-up with her sister to get her into the spotlight. She and Tamera got the chance to work together in Full House. Then, everything changed for the better in 1994, when Sister, Sister premiered on ABC. The show followed her and Tamera as they find themselves in a classic Parent Trap scenario of discovering that they have identical siblings. 

There, the duo’s career took off. They appeared in several films like Seventeen Again and Twitchesalthough they began to branch out and get more work elsewhere. Tia found a niche as a voice-actress in Bratz and Detention. In 2006, she had a rebirth, of sorts, in the hit series The Game. Since then, she’s been a part of several television productions like Family Reunion and Me, Myself and I, and Instant Mom. 

She’s recently garnered attention for non-acting work, too, opening up her personal life for several television series like Tia Mowry at Home, documentaries, and online features that show her struggles to raise a family. One place that Mowry struggled, however, is in her weight. She wrote a book to highlight this, getting candid with some of the more miraculous details of her journey.

Mowry opens up

In Food is Powerful, Mowry not only tries to open up about the benefits of healthy living but talks at great length about how giving herself over to a healthy lifestyle paid dividends in the end. Promoting the book on Instagram, the actress spoke about how important it was to share her story. 

“This book is so special to me as I personally went through my healing journey and saw how food can be medicine!” the star captioned her Instagram post. “I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did coming up with these amazing recipes to help nourish your mind, body and spirit!”

She echoes this sentiment in the book itself, stating that the cookbook isn’t just a list of recipes but a group of guidelines that she’s picked up from several experts in the dieting field. 

“I want to help you see that food is powerful. And not only that: I want to help you see that you are powerful. By making some simple, easy choices, you can improve your life, and not just physically. By changing what you eat, you will ex­perience emotional, mental, and even spiritual shifts,” she writes in the book (per ET Online).

Life-changing diet

One particularly poignant moment, as collected by ET Online, covers the lengths to which Mowry believes her dietary changes made her life a better place. Mowry has endometriosis, a common disorder that affects the uterus and causes several difficulties with conception. Thinking that she’d never have a kid, Mowry took dairy, refined sugars, and processed foods from her diet. Not long after, a miracle happened. 

“I ended up getting pregnant with my son, Cree,” she writes, calling him a miracle baby (per ET Online) “When I told my doctor that I was pregnant, the first thing she told me was that it was because of that diet.”

Whether there is more to this or not, Mowry’s cookbook isn’t just some recipes from a television star. It’s a look inside a life that’s just like many women across the world. Mowry might not be a doctor or dietitian, but her story is a testament to never giving up and doing what needs to be done to stay healthy. 

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