Tokyo Vanity Jumps to Meek Mill’s Defense Amid Backlash Over Giving Street Kids $20 Bill

Some fans blast the ‘Going Bad’ rapper for giving kids, who are selling water on the street in Atlanta, $20 bill for them to split as many believe that Meek should have given them more money.

AceShowbizMeek Mill‘s new Instagram post sparked chatter. In the Sunday, December 6 post on his Instagram Stories, the rapper could be seen giving kids, who were selling water on the street in Atlanta, $20 bill for them to split. Instead of a thank you, the kids seemed to be not too happy with the amount of money that the rapper gave.

Some fans slammed Meek for giving such small amount to the group of the kids. “Did that man really drive up to those kids and record himself telling them to split $20…..???????? Martin Luther Meek???? Meek Mandala???? The hood hero?????” one fan sarcastically commented on the matter. “These kids walking away with what? $3 after they split it? Lmao. Yeah, he should’ve just rode right past them. At the bare minimum, he could’ve kept this in his camera roll,” someone else added.

“$20, bro is rich, couldve given them at least a good 200,” one fan stated, suggesting that Meek should have given them more money. “If meek wasn’t gonna bless them then he could of just drove by .. your a millionaire the chances of them kids ever coming past a celebrity like that is once in a blue moon idgaf what nobody saying if u have the opportunity to help then help! a regular a** n**** could of gave $20,” another critic wrote.

In response to the criticism, Meek explained on Twitter, “They appreciated it they just hustling kids …..” The whole thing also apparently caught Tokyo Vanity‘s attention, prompting the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star to passionately defend Meek for his action.

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“Y’all ever been to Atlanta? Them LIL N****a agg as f**k and aggresive as f**k, hand prints all over yo car, water bottle greasy and nasty and hot,” the femcee wrote on Instagram. “I give them money all the time and let them keep the water. They are very ungrateful.”

Further slamming the kids, Tokyo said, “They think if you give 1 N***A some money you gotta give all them some money. All them sell water on 1 block and think you gonna buy from all them at the same time the f**k. 1 N***A gonna do with 7 bottles of water? He paid $20 for 1 bottle of water that came outta a #3 case of 24.”

The raptress went on to say of Meek, “Respectfully y’all got meek f**ked up cause he ain’t even have to give them S**T….take the $20 and buy all y’all 5-6 more cases of water to sell that’s how you split it!”

Lil Wayne‘s daughter Reginae Mae echoed the sentiment. “Nah fr … those boys be aggressive asf!!!” so she commented on The Shade Room’s post of Tokyo’s update. Ming Lee, the daughter of Russell Simmons, also chimed in, writing, “Man them water boys in atlanta body different half the time they don’t have water to sell and very disrespectful.”

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