Tom Cruise Is Allowed to See His Daughter … He Just Doesn’t Want To

One of the sadder ongoing stories in modern Hollywood is that of Tom Cruise and his non-existent relationship with daughter Suri.

Sources familiar with the situation say Cruise hasn’t seen Suri in years.

Most have blamed Cruise for this situation.

After all, with his wealth and connections, surely nothing could stop him from spending time with his child if he wanted to.

But there are those who are sympathetic to Cruise’s plight and accuse Katie Holmes of preventing Tom from seeing Suri.

Now a source familiar with the situation is laying waste to that argument.

“Every person is allowed to see their child if they wanted to,” an insider tells Us Weekly.

He adds that a custody arrangement for 12-year-old Suri is outlined in Cruise’s divorce agreement with Katie Holmes.

It stipulates that Cruise has the option of spending up to ten days a month with his daughter, he simply hasn’t taken advantage of that opportunity.

“He chooses not to because she is not a Scientologist,” the source says bluntly.

Yes, it’s long been rumored that Cruise’s devotion to Scientology was both the primary cause of his divorce from Holmes and the reason that he’s cut ties with his family entirely.

The insider says an iron-clad nondisclosure agreement is the only thing preventing Holmes from publicly lashing out at the religion that’s laid waste to her personal life.

The insider cites “a nondisclosure agreement saying she wouldn’t say anything bad about Scientology” was the compromise Holmes was forced to make in order to secure full custody of her daughter without a fight.

“She wanted to get away and she wanted to get Suri,” says the source.

As for exactly how long it’s been since Cruise spent time with his daughter, accounts vary.

Some say it’s been four years since Cruise saw Suri.

Others maintain it hasn’t been quite that long, but concede the actor is no longer a part of his daughter’s life.

Whatever the case, the girl is certainly old enough at this point to understand the reality of the situation.

Insiders say what hurts the most are the times when Cruise was in the same city and still didn’t make the time to see her.

He undoubtedly has the time and resources to be a father to Suri, regardless of where she and her mother choose to live.

The simple fact of the matter is, Tom Cruise has clearly made a decision to distance himself from his own daughter.

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