Top 10 Disney Live Action Remakes Revealed, Ranked From Least to Most Favorite Based on Audience Scores

Disney has been making live action versions of their stories for MANY years!

The first live action adaptation was Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book all the way back in 1994, followed by 101 Dalmations in 1996.

Since then, the company has now released 21 live action adaptations and retellings of some of their most beloved animated films, with the most recent, of course, being The Little Mermaid.

Coming up, there are also live action versions of Snow White, Lilo & Stitch and Moana in the works, among others.

Over the years, and especially a little more recently, fans have been very critical of the live action movies, and have greatly expressed their love or dislike of the new versions.

We are taking a look at the Top 10 highest rated Disney live action movies, based on audience scores, with only TWO higher than a 90%.

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