Tracy Chapman Sues Nicki Minaj Over Allegedly Stealing Music!

Tracy Chapman has sued Nicki Minaj!!

The Fast Car legend filed suit against Nicki over the song Baby Can I Hold You, which Chapman alleges Minaj straight-up stole after multiple requests to license it through legal means were rejected. Uh-oh!!!

According to TMZ, Minaj initially wanted to sample the track on her song Sorry off the album Queen, but after Chapman rejected the licensing requests, Nicki was left in a tough place.

According to the lawsuit, Minaj decided to use it anyways, even without permission, and the song was played several months ago on several popular radio shows.

Minaj’s people quickly pulled Sorry from the album and tried to make the track disappear, but it was too late: Chapman had caught wind of the use, anyways, and now she’s filed suit over it.

The lawsuit seeks two things from Minaj: first, that she never release or play the song again, and second, that Chapman receive unspecified monetary damages over the allegedly illegal first use.

We’ll see what happens, but as of now, not a great look for Nicki Minaj…

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