Tristan Thompson Is Acting Like ‘Perfect, Loving’ BF & Dad To Khloe & True — But Will It Last?

Is Tristan Thompson’s recent good behavior all an act? While Khloe Kardashian is happy she stood by her man, HL learned exclusively those closest to her think she’ll ‘inevitably’ get her heart broken again. Find out why!

Khloe Kardashian, 32, may be in “domestic bliss” NOW, but her friends don’t think it’ll last! Ever since Tristan Thompson, 27, got caught cheating on Khloe with multiple women — dating as far back as October — the NBA player has made sure to be on his BEST behavior around Khloe and their baby daughter True Thompson, 1 month. But our sources seem to think once a cheater, always a cheater — and they fear for Khloe!

“Right now Tristan is being the perfect boyfriend and baby daddy — loving, attentive, doting, and sweet. He hasn’t made a wrong step since the cheating scandal broke,” a Kardashian insider shared with EXCLUSIVELY. “He and Khloe are getting on better than ever, and she feels like she totally made the right decision by standing by her man.” KoKo’s friends and family members however, only see his recent good behavior as a ticking time bomb. Although they WANT it to last, they strongly doubt it will.

“Tristan hasn’t been partying, and when he’s not training or playing, he’s at home with Khloe and True — it’s the exact kind of domestic bliss Khloe has always dreamed of,” our source explained. “Everyone is just hoping it can last though. A leopard rarely changes its spots, and nobody thinks Tristan can keep up the perfect partner act for too long. Hopefully everyone is wrong though, because nobody wants to see Khloe have her heart broken yet again, as inevitable as many seem to think it is.”

Khloe has made it clear in more ways than one though that she forgives Tristan and wants to continue living as a family. In fact, she was even spotted at Tristan’s May 21 playoff game in Cleveland. In video footage, the new mom looked happy and cheerful, even greeting fellow fans in the stands. Clearly she’s put the drama behind her! But while Tristan’s good-boy act may have Khloe fooled, Kim Kardashian, 37, is NOT buying it. She even wanted Khloe to skip his May 21st game, as previously reported.

“Kim was so disappointed last time Khloe showed up to one of Tristan’s games,” another insider shared with us EXCLUSIVELY. “The big sister in her is still suspicious of Tristan, and so Kim is pleading with her to stay away from the games until Tristan makes amends for his mistakes and proves his loyalty.” The source added, “Kim feels that Khloe should not reward his poor behavior.”

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