‘TWD’s Norman Reedus: Season 9 Feels Like ‘A Different Show’ — Our Challenges Are ‘Unexpected’

It’s the beginning of a new era for ‘The Walking Dead.’ With season 9 and Andrew Lincoln’s exit upon us, Norman Reedus revealed in an interview that ‘TWD’ feels like a ‘different show’ now.

The Walking Dead isn’t just changing in front of the camera, it’s changing behind the camera as well. Angela Kang has taken over as the season 9 showrunner. Angela and Norman Reedus, the one and only Daryl Dixon, talked to HollywoodLife and other media about the exciting vibe of season 9.

“It’s been great for me watching the story develop and different tone on set,” Norman said at the show’s Los Angeles premiere. “Different characters are there to kill it, they are all so good. Having Andy [Lincoln] leave the show is a big blow, but he also set a tone. So the new group knows what came before it in a world of zombies and samurai swords. It so easily something that could become corny, but Andy took it as super serious; so if you take it serious and play it honest then it won’t be a B movie. So the energy is still there and his presence is still there on set as is Lauren [Cohan]. But it is a different show now, people are getting challenged in new and unexpected ways. It feels like a new show, a heartfelt western that is scary. Our new bad guy is badass, the most badass ever.”

Angela also teased an “amazing thing that Danai does this year, that Melissa and Lauren do this year.” She noted there will be “fun combinations with the women that hasn’t been seen.”

Andrew Lincoln will be leaving the show after season 9. His character, Rick Grimes, has been at the center of The Walking Dead since the very beginning. Angela spoke about Andrew’s departure and his character’s future to media at the premiere. “You know, with Andrew, we are obviously writing him out of the show. What form that takes I want to leave that secret and not exactly spoil it for the audience. Hopefully, it is a storyline that gives a sense of completion for the show.” The Walking Dead season 9 premieres Oct. 7 at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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