Twitch User Suspended For Queefing On Mic & The Streaming Community Is Divided!

Twitch needs to start treating all its streamers’ bodily functions equally!

The online gaming community is apparently divided after user ItsPinkie was suspended from theplatform because a clip of her “queefing” during a livestream went viral across social media. Last week, ItsPinkie told her 100 viewers she was able to “queef on demand” — then proved it by placing a microphone near her lady bits and apparently letting a bunch of air out. After the clip went viral, ItsPinkie naturally received a bunch of new subscribers.

Twitch wasn’t impressed, however: the platform issued her a three-day ban. It’s not clear which rule in Twitch’s Community Guidelines the user broke by queefing; although it may have violated Twitch’s rules about directing attention to a particular body part.

Either way, many in the streaming community felt that the queefer in question shouldn’t have been suspended for her talents — especially considering how one of the platform’s top streamers, Felix “xQc” Lengyel, will often fart into his mic. There’s actually a whole ritual involving xQc’s flatulence: after he toots, his audience floods the chat with a slamming desk emoji, which will prompt xQc to slam his desk in response.

So, many users thought it was a double standard for ItsPinkie to be banned over a similar act. Others, meanwhile, joked that she wouldn’t have received the punishment had she “slammed it” like the perpetually gassy xQc.

For her part, ItsPinkie tried to take the suspension in stride, seeing as it was during her time off from streaming. But she did agree that xQc should be banned as well, tweeting:

“Guys chill it’s only a 3 day ban because twitch just HAD to please the crowds, thankfully it’s during my weekend anyways! But yeah I guess that means XQC needs to be banned too for his farting into mics as well lmao”

She later added in follow up tweets:

“I didn’t even do it in a sexual way, It was like a ‘guys, look what I can do’ type of thing… People are trying so hard to fight some kind of moral high ground over a queef video. It’s really nothing more then a fun little joke that got blown up! I’m not sexualizing that queef, you are! If I said I sucked air into my asshole instead, the response would so be different… Just a reminder that men on twitch fart into their mics all the time”

What do U think about this, Perezcious readers? Was Twitch wrong to suspend this user? Ch-ch-check out her full response video (below) and share your thoughts in the comments!

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