Two Monkeys Allegedly Stolen from Dallas Zoo, Latest Weird Disappearance

Emperor tamarin monkey

Two primates at the Dallas Zoo have allegedly been ape-napped — at least that’s what the zoo is saying … just the latest in a string of bizarre animal-related disappearances.

Zoo officials notified Dallas PD Monday that a couple of their emperor tamarin monkeys were missing from their habitats … and worse, they claim there’s evidence of tampering in the restricted areas that house the creatures — so they believe monkeys were taken.

The cops are already looking into it, and because it’s an open investigation … not many other details are available.

You’ll recall … this is the same zoo where a clouded leopard somehow escaped its own enclosure just earlier this month, prompting a shutdown of the place and a massive search.

The leopard ended up being found on the grounds soon after, but zoo officials claimed afterward that its habitat had been cut through … suggesting someone let the big cat out intentionally.


There are two other strange animal incidents that have occurred at the Dallas Zoo of late — including another alleged breach in an enclosure housing langur monkeys … as well as an endangered vulture being found dead at the facility, which cops called suspicious.

dallas zoo

Now, 2 little simians are unaccounted for … and there seems to be a concern that a possible repeat offender could be afoot. Not to make light of this, but is Ace Ventura available???

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