Tyler Baltierra and Daughter Vaeda are TWINS, Fans Say

Teen Mom fans know that Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are devoted to their kids.

Now, fans are noticing that baby Vaeda looks just like Tyler. It’s like they’re twins!

“Cuddles on the couch with my baby!” Tyler Baltierra tagged the precious pic that you are about to see.

In the image that he shared to Instagram, sweet little Vaeda Luma is reclining on a couch that looks huge with her on it.

Vaeda, who will be 14 months old in about a week, is wearing a neutral expression as she gazes at her father taking her photo.

Fans were falling over themselves at the adorable post.

“You and Cate make the cutest freaking kids!” one follower’s comment exclaims.

“Oh what a beautiful little girl,” marvels another fan.

“Omg she is so stinking cute,” a commenter raves. “I just love your family.”

These comments were sweet, but a little generic.

Other fans made ti clear that they had observed a powerful similarity between father and daughter.

“I see Tyler,” one commenter announces.

“So cute!” another agree. “Looks like her dad.”

“Your twin Tyler!!!” a fan informs the proud father.

“She looks like her Daddy!!” declares a follower with glee.

“She is your mini for sure!” another comment characterizes before reiterating: “Looks just like you.”

“Tyler Jr lol” observes another fan.

Resemblances between children and their parents can be surprising, but everyone was in agreement about Vaeda and Tyler.

Tyler has gone above and beyond for his kids, making it clear that he and Catelynn put them first.

“As far as the kids getting compensated for the show,” he said in a recent interview.

Tyler declared: “My kids are totally set, they’re totally set up for life.”

That makes sense. What’s the point of that Teen Mom money if it doesn’t help their kids?

“College is paid for,” Tyler affirmed in that same interview.

“And,” he emphasized, “that was mine and Catelynn’s main thing.”

Tyler said that it was a priority for him and for Catelynn that “each of our children has trust funds that money goes into and they can’t touch.”

That is very responsible. What parent doesn’t want for their children to have better starts in life than they themselves had.

Catelynn and Tyler’s marriage (though admittedly not drama free) is pretty solid.

They’ve been together for basically their whole lives, but some fans have been spreading cheating rumors — even now.

Catelynn has handily shot down those accusations against Tyler.

She has pointed out that she’s around Tyler 24/7, and he’d have no time to cheat.

Besides that, she says, lovingly roasting her husband, Tyler’s personality would make him ill equipped to cheat.

Catelynn says that if he did sleep with someone else, he wouldn’t be able to keep it a secret, even from her.

It’s good for their marriage that they know each other so well that either of them can easily rule out cheating.

And, of course, no fans will ever question the paternity of cute little Vaeda.

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