Tyre Nichols Arrest Video Makes Memphis City Council Chairman Break Down

The graphic footage of cops beating Tyre Nichols has Memphis City Council Chairman Martavius Jones at a loss for words, and instead, he was overcome with emotion on live TV.

CNN’s Don Lemon interviewed Jones after the brutal police body cam footage was released to the public … and Jones tells Don the video is especially hard to watch because everyone knows Tyre dies in the end.

That thought made it impossible for Jones to finish his sentence — he broke down in tears, and needed a few minutes to compose himself.

As Don points out, lots of folks are having the same reaction to the video … which shows cops punching, kicking and beating Tyre with a baton after pulling him over.

Tyre ended up in a hospital after the vicious beating … and he died 3 days later.

Jones tries to apologize for breaking down during the interview … but Don tells him it’s not necessary, because it’s a normal human reaction to such a brutal scene.

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