Upgrade Morning Coffee With These Accessories

Nobody (except for maybe Barbra Streisand) has a Starbucks at home, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible to get hot foamy lattes every morning right from the comfort of one’s own kitchen. Instead of gulping down some black drip coffee before sprinting out the door, why not upgrade the daily coffee routine and take a moment to enjoy the morning?

To help everyone take a few minutes in the a.m. to savor a fancy cup of coffee, Us Weekly put together a list of coffee accessories and gear that will change the meaning of “morning joe” forever. Swap the old drip coffee machine with a French press for a more flavorful brew and top it with some fresh, frothy milk instead of half-and-half. A high-quality and stylish mug puts the finishing touch on a slightly more indulgent morning routine 

Scroll down to see Us Weekly’s picks for better morning coffee.

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