Vanessa Hudgens Opens Up About The Princess Switch’s ‘Parent Trap’ Vibes!

Yes, Vanessa Hudgens knows The Princess Switch has Parent Trap comparisons, and yes, she – like us – is totally here for it.

The former High School Musical star dished about her new Netflix holiday movie – in which she portrays both a Chicago baker (who knows a thing or two about secret handshakes) and a European duchess – in a new interview with People.

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“I’ve seen that movie [The Parent Trap] so many times,” Vanessa revealed. “My sister and I used to act out the scenes from the movie. It’s still such a go-to of mine. If I still love it, hopefully, this will be a classic for my fans and that they’ll still watch it.”

“It was very confusing!” she shared about the double role. “There are the two characters and then they switch, so trying to figure out if I was American trying to be British, or British pretending to be American, it was definitely a confusing situation.”

“The world is such a crazy place,” she added. “We all need a little bit of light, uplifting escapism. And what better way to do it than with a romantic Christmas movie?”


The Princess Switch is streaming now on Netflix.

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