Vicky Pattison keeps it real by showing off bloated ‘period belly’ to fans in unfastened jeans

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Vicky Pattison is often praised for keeping it real on her social media, and this time, she shed some light on the struggle of bloating women go through when on their periods.

The reality star, 34, who opened up about trolling and said she had a rough weekend after taking comments 'on the chin', shared a video of herself talking to her bloated “period belly” as she touched her stomach on camera.

“Aw, jeans. You've pulled off a very honourable fight today,” she began to share.

“Stayed fastened all morning but unfortunately, the belly was too much for you. Poor little period popped one in the end.”

Vicky went on to add: “I'm gonna put some PJs on and I think I'm going to watch Buffy the vampire slayer and eat minstrels.”

In a separate video, the I’m A Celeb winner appeared with her face on the camera as she announced jeans are off as she swapped them for something more comfortable.

“She's out of her jeans, she's back in her trackies, she's back in bed,” she said. “The make up and hair extensions aren't going to last much longer either, I'm not going to lie.”

It comes after Vicky suffered from a hard time over the weekend from cruel trolling and chose to rise above it by reminding her followers to think about what they say on social media.

Posting a photo of herself glammed up alongside a shot of her with no make up, the Geordie beauty wrote: “I don’t understand a lot about the trolling process.

"I can’t imagine what goes through a persons mind before they sit down to write something cruel or unnecessary to a person they don’t know.”

She then added: “This picture on the left is who you THINK you’re insulting on social media…

"People see a face full of makeup, a glam outfit & a smug caption & they assume that I’m this strong, sassy, together woman, who has it all figured out.

“But in reality, the picture on the right is who you’re REALLY having a go at. I am just a normal girl- who on most days- try as I might to be positive & strong feels so desperately overwhelmed & insecure in the industry I’m in."

Vicky confessed she often is left feeling "full of anxiety & a crippling lack of confidence" when looking at negative comments from her followers, before writing: "I want to love the way I look- I’m really trying to get there, but as most of you ladies know it’s a constant battle & more often than not I just end up feeling like I’m not good enough.

"I lie awake at night worrying that tomorrow will be the day that I wake up & everyone realises I’m actually nothing special & all of this, the makeup artists, fancy clothes & exciting job will just go away. Just like that.”

The star was inundated with comments from her friends, including Love Island's Shaughna Phillips who admitted: "After just arguing with a stranger in my comments about how strange my face now looks, I really REALLY needed to see this post. You are incred darling."

Loose Women's Andrea McLean also posted underneath: "Love you Vicky."

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