‘Watch out Bradley!’ The Chase’s Mark Labbett showcases presenting skills in new move

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Mark Labbett has jokingly issued a cheeky warning to The Chase presenter Bradley Walsh in his latest social media post today.  Mark displayed his presenting skills in view of his 26,000 Instagram followers in a new series of snaps.

The Chaser could be seen in great spirits as he took to the stage in Sheffield’s Code nightclub.

He captioned the images: “Watch out Bradley…

“Presenting skills are certainly improved after boogie bingo at @codesheffield last month.”

While Bradley has not yet replied to Mark’s quip, fans of the TV star were delighted to see him fulfilling presenting duties.

Social media user, equiii_chlobosummer commented: “Looking great Mark.”

joandean8879 added: “Handsome man and so clever!”

mccaul501 said: “You need to visit #edinburgh #mark.”

Mark recently opened up about his health struggles with type 2 diabetes.

The quizzing star admitted his lifestyle led to his health woes.

Speaking to Express.co.uk at the end of last year, Mark explained: “I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t do drugs, or gamble. God knows, there’s no loose woman in my life.

“My sin was chocolate and sweets. I’ve always had a ridiculous amount of sugar, so my view was I’ve done the crime so it’s time to do the time.”

Mark explained that he had never suffered from a “diabetic episode”.

However, Mark was diagnosed after flagging up some issues with his lower legs.

He went on: “My lower legs, the skin bruised very easily when I was playing football.

“But other than that, I never suffered from any sugar highs or lows.”

Following a blood test, Mark explained a nurse confirmed that he was diabetic. 

The news immediately prompted him to change his unhealthy eating habits.

Mark said: “It almost killed me because 24/7 looking after a hyperactive four-year-old, I can see why people have children in their 20s and 30s.

“That’s one of the reasons the weight fell off because I just didn’t have time to eat.

“I drink a lot more fluids than I used to and I think it kind of helps [with weight loss] without going into too much graphic detail.” 

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