Wayne Rooney’s potential new home in Washington revealed

As Wayne Rooney gets set to sign a contract with DC United, check out the lavish house he is rumoured to be moving into, in a neighbourhood filled with political elite.

The former England captain is in talks to join the Washington-based MLS club with the 32-year-old to leave Everton just 12 months after returning last summer.

His wife Coleen and three children [Kai, 7, Klay, 4, Kit, 16 months] are all set to join Wayne in his big move to the US after he secures the £300,000 a week deal.

The elegant home, which is currently being listed by TTR Sotheby’s International Realty, has seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms and costs a whopping $5.7million [£4.2m].

However, unlike other British footballers that have made the move to LA such as David Beckham and Steven Gerrard, the Rooney’s won’t be rubbing shoulders with Hollywood A-listers.

This swanky house is based in the Kalorama district of Washington DC, which is known for housing powerful figures in politics such as the Obama’s and Ivanka Trump.

The British couple may find themselves among a different crowd that they are used to after moving from their £20million palace in Cheshire.

Kevin Koitz, the Vice President of The Koitz Group said: “The neighbourhood certainly has become increasingly ‘in’ for the power elites.

“Kalorama is one of most affluent neighbourhoods in Washington DC. It’s known for its stunning ‘old world’ architecture, including many embassies and tree-lined streets.

“We’re a more ‘accessible’ and ‘hands on’ luxury boutique under the ‘compass’ umbrella. We focus on high-end properties in Northwest DC and close-in Maryland suburbs.”

Kevin, who represents both buyers and sellers, previously played football in Stanford and has helped other English Premier League players find their new homes after moving to the US.

Kevin said: “DC is [becoming] more and more a football town, at least I’d like to believe so, so one of the world’s most ‘noted’ soccer players should receive a warm welcome.

“We’ve had our share of both political scandals and with the Washington Redskins. The team’s name itself is rightly under constant scrutiny.

“It certainly feels like in this current administration, not a day goes by without an almost surreal revelation. It’ll be refreshing to have an honest, self-made footballer in town, with or without scandal.

“The neighbourhood has become accustomed to increased security and having to deal with a certain amount of inconvenience that comes with ‘high profile’ residents.”

However, it isn’t just politicians that call the upper-class area home as Amazon CEO Jeff Bezoz and Fox News host Chris Wallace are also residents in the luxury neighbourhood.

Kevin said: “Kalorama, itself, is not home to trendy bars, restaurants, lounges and the social scene is mostly ‘at home’.

“However, Mr. Rooney would find lots of opportunities for a more active social life in either Dupont Circle within a few blocks or Georgetown within a couple of miles."

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