All the Ways Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's First Photo as Newlyweds Differs From Will & Kate's

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle–now formally known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex–made their exit from St. George’s Chapel yesterday at Windsor Castle–to a sea of their 2,000+ guests that awaited them outside of the chapel, which sat 600. The couple took their time exiting their ceremony, through the stunning floral archway crafted by Phillippa Craddock and her team of florists, to pose for their first photos as husband and wife.

While we were all expecting a very different wedding from William & Catherine’s 2011 wedding at Westminster Abbey, we weren’t aware of just how different this royal wedding would be. Their ceremonies were vastly different, while the verbiage of their vows stayed almost identical. And their exit was no different.

After signing their marriage register and treating their guests to a wide array of beautiful musical performances, the couple recessed down the aisle, with Jessica Mulroney’s sons, two of the couple’s four page boys, handling Meghan’s train, followed by their remaining two page boys and six bridesmaids. While Meghan walked down the aisle solo to start, and then arm-in-arm with Prince Charles, her recession with Harry involved a more delicate hand hold, which looked similar to Will & Kate’s.

While Kate was wearing a far larger skirt with a seemingly much less manageable train, Meghan’s gown seemed to require her to lift her skirt ever so slightly en route up and down the chapel’s many stairs, requiring her to drop her bouquet to her side at times, which Kate never did. There are endless photos of Meghan clutching her nosegay in the proper spot at her waist, but these first shots of the couple have her holding it slightly off-center.

Overall, Harry & Meghan’s wedding was far more laid back than Will & Kate’s, but their first photos as husband and wife feel undeniably regal. William and Catherine’s first photos as a married couple almost had more ease and comfort in them than one would expect. While posed perfectly, the two look beyond happy and completely at ease, while some would say Harry didn’t have as easy of a time navigating his walk out of the chapel, managing avoiding a step on his wife’s skirt or veil, and navigating the narrower aisle and entry of St. George’s, compared to the wide, grand doors of Westminster.

And while Meghan is often credited for her poise, elegance, ease and calmness around the cameras, this first shot of her feels slightly stiff–although with a 16-foot veil, who could blame her?!

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