Wendy Williams & Her Estranged Husband Are Fighting Over Whether She Was Allowed To Go Out During Their M

Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter can’t stop fighting!

The pair have been going at it over everything the last few months, as they quarrel over the lay of the land amid their messy, high-profile messy split, but it’s the most recent fight that has Kevin Hunter REALLY angry at Wendy — and he’s accusing her of lying!

At issue here is Wendy’s earlier claim that her estranged husband allegedly kept her “pent up at home,” and prevented her from going out and enjoying events that she wanted to be seen at during their marriage. The beloved talk show host recently accused Hunter of keeping her “cooped up only to be a show pony” during their marriage, controlling her behind the scenes and strictly preventing her from going out too much.

According to TMZ, a source close to Williams is doubling down on her earlier accusations about this, calling Kevin “extremely controlling and sneaky” during their marriage, and alleging “nothing Kevin says is the truth.” Sources further allege Wendy was tightly controlled from behind the scenes — including financially, where she reportedly took a hands-off approach and allowed Kevin alone to manage their money for the first 22 years of her career — and she was allegedly prevented from choosing her own activities outside the home during the couple’s marriage.

Now, for Kevin’s part, he told the media outlet any claim about him keeping Williams pent up at home “is a lie,” while adding his contention that it wasn’t his controlling nature preventing Wendy from going out: it was her apparently being “too lazy to give a damn.” His argument, apparently, is that Wendy “didn’t want to hit red carpet events or put in any effort outside of the on-camera work for her show.”

Hmm…. does that really sound like her?!??!

Nevertheless, sources close to Kevin back him up on this one — just as those close to Wendy have her back — and it’s become something of a he-said, she-said as these two sides continue to argue (through the media, no less) about what really went down behind close doors while they were married.

Regardless of who’s right or wrong (or whatever) on this one, the major point is this: the nit-picking, fighting, and back-and-forth accusations are probably FAR from being over between Wendy and Kevin. As these two continue to roll through the long process of divorce, we can be virtually certain that we haven’t heard the end of the bickering.

Not. Even. Close.

Reactions, Perezcious readers?? Are you #TeamWendy, or does what Kevin’s saying here sound like the truth?! Sound OFF with your take on the ex-couple’s arguments in the comment section (below)!!!

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